Kukje Art and Culture Foundation(KACF)


KUKJE Art and Culture Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by KUKJE Gallery that organizes and offers various arts-related education and programs. It aims to vitalize domestic and international art businesses.


This foundation was established to invigorate vthe isual arts and cultural scene through collaborating with various organizations and to broaden artistic standards. To encourage this, we work with both domestic and foreign artists and promote collaboration with related organizations.

In addition, we encourage exchanges between domestic and foreign art institutions, promote Korean artists by working closely with international institutions worldwide and exposing the artists to the gloabl art scene.
We thereby contribute in promoting domestic and international artists internationally and stimulate cross cultural exchange through art.


KUKJE Art and Culture Foundation and Culture works for exhibitions, artists, education, research, and international exchange of Korean contemporary art

Main Projects

Artist Support Program

We select and support young artists who lead the Korean art world together with a group of experts in the field of visual arts. We want to become a foundation for the development of Korean art and culture while discovering new artists

Exhibition support and exchange project with overseas institutions

For the development of culture and art, we build a network with relevant overseas art museums and cultural organizations to increase understanding of Korean art, and support Korean artists and exhibitions to encourage Korean artists to advance overseas